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Great track man! Got to writing as soon as I heard it, it's that powerful haha
Do you mind if I use this?

SunLogic responds:

I don't mind as long as you let me hear it ;P

Damn this is a real ill beat man, keep up the good work!

Leprasean responds:

Thank you!

This is great, man! I found this track in the related tracks of a hiphop song... haha but I'm glad I heard it! Keep it up and take it easy =D

Timodeus responds:

Thanks, dude! :)

This is ill like always man! Glad to see you're back, hope everything went well with your move. Take care!

Crueltool responds:

Thanks for your comment man!!! I hope to continue rapping. I was stopped for 4 years, just music.
Still here, still with you!!
PS. I just need to write some text)))

I dunno what they're saying. Dope lyrics and flow says you did the instrumental justice.
Keep writing, both of yall

Luke responds:

cheers brother!

This one's very chill man! Do you mind if I maybe spit something to it?

ThaKidd responds:

Sure...have fun

This is ill dude! Please, don't stop spittin'
I think by stretchy he mean't the way you pronounce words:
Wolfieee Tiiime daay, it separates you from other mc's.
Good job!

Wolfie responds:

Thank you very much for listening. It's good to know you enjoyed it! :) I'll be sure to release some more music soon enough.

This is ill dude! Keep writing and stay grinding!
We're the next generation of hiphop.

HeIsAlive responds:

Thanks buddy. People like you make me keep going on with my work. Thank you for the motivation :D

I'm Stefan Porter, my rap alias is Psilo. I'm 18, living in the Bay Area. My current goal in sight is to put out a mixtape. Check out my raps, I have plenty of 'em youtube.com/user/Psi lolysergicamine

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