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Damn Rama this is beautiful! It's definitely one of my favorites.

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Crueltool responds:

Nice to hear it man!!! hope will be more... thanks very much

Great track man! Got to writing as soon as I heard it, it's that powerful haha
Do you mind if I use this?

SunLogic responds:

I don't mind as long as you let me hear it ;P

Damn this is a real ill beat man, keep up the good work!

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Leprasean responds:

Thank you!

Damn Rama, real jazzy, I dig it!

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Crueltool responds:

Thanks a lot....

This is great, man! I found this track in the related tracks of a hiphop song... haha but I'm glad I heard it! Keep it up and take it easy =D

Timodeus responds:

Thanks, dude! :)

This is ill like always man! Glad to see you're back, hope everything went well with your move. Take care!

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Crueltool responds:

Thanks for your comment man!!! I hope to continue rapping. I was stopped for 4 years, just music.
Still here, still with you!!
PS. I just need to write some text)))

I dunno what they're saying. Dope lyrics and flow says you did the instrumental justice.
Keep writing, both of yall

Luke responds:

cheers brother!

This one's very chill man! Do you mind if I maybe spit something to it?

ThaKidd responds:

Sure...have fun

Wow, this one is beautiful! You really just keep getting better, man. I'll be laying something down on it, already got to writing haha. I'll make sure to send it to you when I'm done :)

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Crueltool responds:

Thanks man! Will be waiting your recording on this track.

This is ill dude! Please, don't stop spittin'
I think by stretchy he mean't the way you pronounce words:
Wolfieee Tiiime daay, it separates you from other mc's.
Good job!

Wolfie responds:

Thank you very much for listening. It's good to know you enjoyed it! :) I'll be sure to release some more music soon enough.

I'm Stefan Porter, my rap alias is Psilo. I'm 18, living in the Bay Area. My current goal in sight is to put out a mixtape. Check out my raps, I have plenty of 'em youtube.com/user/Psi lolysergicamine

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